I’m looking at different folding techniques for the book synchronised with the performance:


I’m preparing for my chat with Professor Jerome Guantellet on Wednesday, he was the theoretical physics consultant for the film The Theory of Everything. I’m adding new moments to the narrative, such as ”Lisette goes to visit the professor  ..”  “Any matter could become a black hole if you would crush it beyond it’s Schwarzschild radius (scene of crushing the diamond)  ..”

Here is a great moment/transition in the film:

“The star gets smaller smaller … the star in fact gets denser as atoms even  sub-atomic particles get literally crushed into smaller and smaller space. And at it’s end point what are we left with? A space-time singularity. Space and time come to a stop…….  I wonder what would happen if you applied Penrose’s theory about black holes to the entire universe?”


One last thing, Portable Black hole carpet!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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