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any comments would be great. Also I feel like the new drawing which I am about to colour needs more in it. Any ideas. I thought I might put a half finished wire tree on its side in the left hand corner but apart from that I have no ideas. Maybe some more warping?

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3 Responses to Update

  1. Oliver Pershav says:

    What I like about these drawings is that there are no lines in the coloured plates. It makes it sit nicely between a render and an architectural drawing. This goes back to Demand in the sense that his photos are real depictions of meticulously faked realities, while your images are meticulous faked realities of what’s real.

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    They are also a spectacular triptych. I’ve never seen them stacked before (well, i’ve never seen the middle one before (and how good it iiiiis!) so you will definitely have to think about how to present them.

  3. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    also, great scarves. obvi.