update 2

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 15.45.33


still working away any comment would be amazing



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One Response to update 2

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Wrote comments – somehow hit back button all gone. ugh.
    In a nutshell – and keep in mind all comments are based on small image with v low dpi. also, none of it is content related.

    Lights are too yellow – look like they would be fluorescent fixtures.
    Wall on left – is that a facade or wallpaper? The vanishing points of that facade/wall with the left wall of the room to where it meets the vertical column looks like they are different.

    Also, would make floor darker than ceiling as it looks a bit uniform and gray. UNLESS it is an ultra-white photographer’s studio in which case make it more white.

    shadows across the floor – what is the light source? The left-most shadow has a different angle.

    also, would the photog lights by the table case shadows?

    what is in the end wall? hmmmm I have no ideas.

    What is the browny beige bump-out room with the door? is that a secret room? a loo?

    broom + leaves = very funny

    need more of those. a friend of mine used to have a traffic light in his room, maybe one of your photog lights should be real, the other a traffic light. OR, that’s trying to hard (very possible).

    The long gray stretched wall on the right needs something. It’s quite zoom-stretched and close so we should see some texture there. Otherwise 1/5th of your drawing is gray.

    None of these need be for tomorrow. just quick knee-jerk reactions. Lights are the most obvious because they are SO yellow.

    Is this YOUR studio?