Unfolding the wall story


Malaparte’s use of the wall to level the ground to build on

Working on the chronology of walls from the primitive wall to the retaining wall to the territorial wall to the inhabited walls to the decorated wall.

I found this image of a diagram of the development of MVRDV’s double house in Utrecht which is based on Corbs Unite d’habitation section. I can’t see to run away from the Dutch Continuous Surface.



James Wines’s Best building – The wall as expression

Barcelona Mies_Van_Der_Rohe_Three-court_Courtyard__House_Plan



And a little bit of Mies

A catalogue of walls and how the story of the wall is unfolding to follow



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2 Responses to Unfolding the wall story

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    love the malaparte reference!

    • Vidhya Pushpanathan says:

      I was just thinking I can re-use one of my resin game piece stairs to do something but then again I am just getting overexcited and jumping around.