Unfolding the Studio through the Artefact

Using a diverse perspective I decided to develop the second layers of the dome for both Loos and Pink Floyd. This second ‘pizza’ starts to take the form of the artists studio, so whilst the first pizza can be seen as the self portrait- the extension of this using the Artists in his Studio of Peale starts to spatially become the studio. With pink floys I’ve been looking at the studio as a space of production- subdividing it between music and the per formative aspect of their shows. On the other hand Loos’s (still WIP) develop around the studio as his house and theatre.


This week end I continued to explore the studio of Pink Floyd. Instead of focusing on the horizontal plane I started using the vertical walls of The Wall as a means to develop the diverse spaces vertically.







looss2 3 31



I started looking at how I can inverse the perspective of the Dome to then use it to unlayer the artist’s studio.

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