Thank you for a super tutorial! Notes since I didn’t record:

For Friday I will move sideways to this drawing in which I wanted to show the scales that for example the door undergoes from being 1:100 in the book in the library which is where I take the construction information from, to 1:1 in the green room to 1:screen in the soft room. I want to do one thing and do it well. Maybe I will try a drawing that combines plan and elevation because axo is a bit familiar to me.

I will incorporate the main content (and not frame) of today’s banned drawings like the library shelf, the computer screen on which I draw in and so on.

I would like to make the intention of DRAW THE FACTORY much more specific to help myself a bit. Perhaps by starting to form the sequence of steps that need to be taken to go from unit space to Prouve house, which involve going from library to green room which in turn involve the building of stairs! (not literally, this is in the case of the project world).

SO I think this factory operates on a literal level in which case products are used elsewhere in what we call the ‘after-site’, AND it operates on a fictional level in which products are used in the scaleless and contextless green space for an alternative function.

QUESTION: (to myself) what is the product?! for now my products have been one 1:1 paper door and one 1:10 axial portal frame. what is the next one?

NEED to move beyond paper space as I think it is not the appropriate medium and tool for this project. The answer is FILM! Because in this way I can talk about the scale of time.

For now… a construction drawing of the film. WORK FASTER!

Please add below if I forgot something.

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