turning the page machine

This was the first idea:

securedownload photo-(4)

Take apart an old printer and using one part to lift the page and the another part to rotate and flip it, in order to turn the page.

After adding the motors and testing actually you don’t need the second part… So I was thinking of using the configuration shown in the video  – this would also work for my white book which is square…so I can print on A3 and the rolling bar ( not sure what to call it) can sit on the extra white. What do you think?


I still need to make a nice base for it and tweak it ..

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6 Responses to turning the page machine

  1. Anny Stephanou says:

    I LOVE IT!

  2. Catarina Cruz says:

    Miruna, this is amazing!
    I thought this was something you found on the internet. cant believe you made it! super cool!
    Can i order one? :P

  3. Felix Brinkhege says:


  4. Sabrina Morreale says:

    keep going! keep goin!