Turn that ground upside down

Untitled-2 Untitled-1


Early stages of the full composition. Playing around with the ground plane (really quickly). Its still missing a WHOLE LOT of detail working on that now.

Also goes back to the argument of the ground user and facade relationship

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2 Responses to Turn that ground upside down

  1. Anny Stephanou says:

    It seems that there is also a bit of perspective or no? Because you can still see in the second that there is a correct way to look at it as. Or is this not the intention? Perhaps the four ways you look at it are not the same axo angle? It is so unbelievably spatial!!! I had a dream the other night that the wall became the floor and I was walking on it, probably somewhere in your drawing ha!

    • Vidhya Pushpanathan says:

      Haha. Thanks Anny. Yeah I totally get what you mean. I am rotating the drawing around to detail it now so that you cant see a correct way to view it. :)