TS Tutorial Notes

Had two TS tutorials today with Federico & Javier, the notes:

From Javier:

– Get out exactly what it is that you want to say – your viewpoint – in the project

– Then your perspective on the boundary or relationship between exterior and interior can be laid out in a simple but fluent language

– Think of what you want to put in and what to leave out. The language of the unfinished can be very powerful – the work of Igor Mitoraj (below).

– The omissions likely make the language more fluent. Think of the music of Oscar Petersen – leaving the last note of the melody out, having a controlled relationship with the audience

– The moves can be very simple – gently elevating a walkway  to the appropriate viewpoint as in the case of Peine del Viento (below) or Luis Barragan’s painting of the courtyard with pots and planting into an intriguing image that in turn transform the building threshold into a framing.

– Given the current configuration of the ‘horizontal city’ the threshold into the office sphere will still exist and this can be carefully curated – the effect either side of the threshold reflects upon the threshold. Entering a humid church environment or the sunny freedom of the outside. Think of the use of thresholds that may reflect on the thresholds themselves and the perspective the change of environments gives

– Reference of a medieval church with offset arches, that goes against symmetry to hint that only god is a perfect being

– For next friday – lay out what it is you want to do – do some of it, present what you want to do next – so the comments relate effectively to your next steps

From Frederico:

– The technical requirements of the huge glass span can be used to create the required atmosphere

– The duality of the image the corporation projects of itself vs the public reality (underneath this huge corporate slab) – can simultaneously be curated by the technical curation of the environment inside the glass office and underneath. The curation of that environment through the single technical concern with the ‘glass slab’ then acts to bridge the two environments

– Interestingly he saw the collage from yesterday as split in two, showing an adapted public environment and an adapted office environment (as below)

So the thing to do is work out a clear idea of my project intention, which the ‘how you get to the slab’ sheets we discussed in the tutorial yesterday, will define – I feel. So moving on to doing those now. Hope to post them later tonight.

casa barragan by architect luis barragan. tacubaya, mexico 13 mitorajScreen Shot 2015-02-11 at 19.51.39

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 19.00.42

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