TS To Do List

170223_Test6_CGOne of the augmented portrait views of the supermarket.

Progress has been a bit slower than I intended over this weekend… but I’ll accelerate the production for this week!

I’ve been working on the calculations for TS to prove that real-time rendering may be possible by 2030/2040. The spreads below start to explain/calculate that idea – there are a couple more to go after this to show how contact lens AR may be possible in the near future. gflops diagram Petaflops and Exaflops

Here’s an outline of what I believe needs to be done for the TS submission (further developing the supermarket scene, the underpass, and the urban palimpsest are included, as well as doing some quick concept art for 3 of the other scenes):

00 Prologue

  1. Editorial (Write TS/Project Statements – Introduce Problematic)
  2. Compile Film Stills & Add Annotations
    1. The underpass x 3-6
    2. The supermarket x 3-6
    3. The urban palimpsest x 3-6
    4. Depressed Person x 1
    5. Urban Memorial x 1
    6. The Creation Dance x 1

01 City of Ghettos

  1. Filtered Self – add complexity/readability to node/edge diagram

02 Filtered Eyes

  1. Technological Evolution – calculate trajectory from phone to eye
  2. FOV/Depth expansions (append to light field section)
  3. Calculate/Guess Timeline to contact implementation
  4. Summary of other sensory augmentations – note they are outside TS scope
  5. 1:1 Interim Test – Document
  6. 1:1 Interim Test – Technical Drawing/area expansion diagram/vision limit or falloff

03 Urban Palimpsest

  1. Augmented Filter Bubble diagram
  2. Changing the scale of spheres of influence
  3. Philosophical consequences of personalised vision
  4. Spatial consequences of shared vision
  5. The best of both worlds – linking spatial proximity to cultural exchange
  6. The Underpass
    1. The Scene (shots x 3)
    2. The Mechanics (diagram/axo)
    3. The Setup (Film Shoot)
    4. The Composite (Edit)
  7. The Supermarket
    1. The Scene (Shots x 3)
    2. The Mechanics (diagram/axo)
    3. The Setup (Bare Renders)
    4. The Composite (Edit)
    5. The 1:1 Test – Shelf Augmentation (live demo for submission?)
  8. The Urban Palimpsest
    1. The Scene (Shots x 3)
    2. The Mechanics (diagram/axo)
    3. The Setup (Film Shoot)
    4. The Composite (Edit)

*Design Page Master (page numbers etc)

*Update Contents Page

*Add Page numbers to Contents

*Design Cover

*Print & Trim


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