TS table of contents




I mapped out TS plans with table of contents. I think it will inevitably be consist of two parts, one is ‘building the ark’, but through the glass of ‘meaning’ behind contents, structure, materials in close relation to the given word from God, and also as elements saved for the new beginning. (The ark plays a role as a temporary city itself.) And it will cover mainly about ‘how would you build’ ‘how would you inhabit’ ‘how would you maintain’ rather that ‘what was actual ark like’. Second part will be forming new cities from the ark. It will show studies about how to form cities with different skills, elements, materials based on two different identities. In the second part, it should deal with couple of good references of cities built with purposes. (could be Auroville, Jerusalem, El Escorial.. to be updated)

TS Book

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