TS Storyboard + Updated Statement

Also updated my statement a while back to edit out the municipalities. I think this will allow me to focus more on the ring as it develops:

The Metropolis of Ego is the physical manifestation of the Architects Ego, which acts to consciously create and subconsciously destroy the City. Its citizens live, work and play in towers created by the designers imagination. Monuments to the Ego are perfected through drawing, constructed in Reality, and consigned to rubble by disaster. As each building is completed it becomes detatched from the architects control and open to a wealth of outside influences. The life and death of each block is unpredictable, recorded through models, literature, photography and film. Over time this documentation is interpreted, misinterpreted and reinterpreted, fusing into a web of legends that render the Metropolis immortal.

Each building in the city is devoted to the idea that architects can improve the world through design. In order to motivate themselves to design, the Architect must hold an absolute belief in their ability to physically create their utopian vision. The Architect publishes prosperous projects, consciously ignoring to publicise those that have failed. In their desire to strive towards perfection, the designer is held captive by their Ego. Though the Ego is necessary in order to provide self-reassurance in design, if the architect is not careful, it may become dangerously inflated and lose sight of reality. The Architect subsequently both creates and destroys the city through building.

In the Metropolis of Ego everything is manipulated by the designers Ego. Citizens live in a narative of carefully controlled perspectives that translate abstract ideas into a concrete reality.  Undesirable truths are deliberately disregarded, concealed by a seductive facade of purposefully selected representations assumed to illustrate Reality.

The future of the city is determined in The Ring of Confrontation where conflicting ambitions, interests and desires  come to a head. Utopian ideals are contested as Egos fight to become champion of the citizens for whom they are designing the city.

According to legend, The Ring began as a battle between two Egos. One proposed to build the city’s tallest building and the other its tallest opponent. They resolved to settle the dispute in a fight, drumming up support as they walked to a field on the edge of the city. Equality was found in the ring and eventually one stood victorious.

The ring grew with the city, its existence dependent on disagreement. Eventually all roads in Ego ed to the ring. Each new building was seen as an opportunity to fight for perfection and the metropolis developed as a catalogue of battles won in the ring. The citys history was written within the ring, its narrative is determined by the winner of each fight.

When a fight was staged, the Ring would swell to envelop neighbouring parts of the city, allowing it to accomodate the entire population of the metropolis. But eventually the ring grew so large that it began to consume the city it created. Neither the ring nor the city could grow independent of one another, yet they could no longer both exist.


…right, back to TS!


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