TS Spreads

WIP TS Spreads and Contents.

I am currently working on a screenplay which can communicate the ideas of the previous storyboard in short film format. In response to the jury comments, I am rewriting the film to include more domestic scenes. As such, it is intended that a large part of the film will now take place inside a room (still with multiple character AR views and the ‘nude view’). The TS idea is to document, design, and choreograph these interior scenes – aiming toward both an ‘augmentable’ scale model and 1:1 installation (in which the interior scenes take place).

The TS will therefore focus on ‘Space Matching’  – an exploration on how to (as seamlessly as possible) merge physical and virtual environments.

ts-1 ts-2 ts-3 ts-4 ts-5 ts-6 ts-7 ts-8

Regarding the White Book, the plan is to do 4 magazine issues (of which the TS will be one).

I – One World of Many (Understanding the World of the Algorithmic Average – T1 Research)
II – Our Mirrored Eyes (Parallels between the Real World and the Speculation- T1 Storyboard+ Real Examples)
III – Overlapping Worlds *Better Title Needed* (TS – the making of a mixed reality – T2)
IV – Many Worlds of One (A special on the short film & the realities that inspired it – T2 + T3)

In style and format I am currently imagining something like the Next Nature book series:

nn-1 nn-3

Lastly – an interesting article from motherboard describing a political model not dissimilar to Le. 


It led me to FLUX – an Australian political party with no policies and no politicians – just a real-time algorithm that allows members to vote on policies as they are brought up in parliament.


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