TS Spreads

TS spreads wrapping up latest tests, projection in daylight.

These will be last few spreads of chapter 4, tests in space.

I’m a bit doubtful about having full size installation tomorrow at room. But I think bringing white-cube and demonstrating it in a box will be necessary.

I think i will spend few more hours revising old-spreads and writing TS statements. And if I have time create few more spreads on filling up just one page about ‘psychophysics’, but let’s see how it goes.



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7 Responses to TS Spreads

  1. Anny Stephanou says:

    so beautiful Nara!!!!!

  2. Anny Stephanou says:

    the drawings are as calming as the box projection you did in the jury!

  3. Sabrina Morreale says:

    very nice! Good luck!

  4. Catarina Cruz says:

    Nice Nara! You made Ts drawings look beautiful!

  5. Maridia Kafezopoulou says:

    Nara! I just was these drawings….! super!