TS Proposal

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TS Proposal

The project proposes to create a 300x200x20m Megalith [great stone] in five sites, grounds, with five different soil conditions. By carving the ground, the site itself becomes the formwork, resulting in a sequence of different footprints depending on the martial volume required to generate the same sized Megalith. The challenge here is to just use the extracted rubble, recycled or virgin, to generate the material to pour in the ground-formwork and generate the Megalith. Once the Megalith is cured the second challenge is to go from horizontal position to vertical position. The project will study different lifting methods for each Megalith depending on the sites and the material output. Finally once the Megalith is standing the project will focus on the decay, and the process of how this Megalith is unbuilt by nature to become ground again.

1. Megalith Horizontal 

1. The Ground

1.1 Selection of 5 sites

1.1.1 Soil Study

1.3 Carving the Ground to generate the Formwork

1.3.1 Techniques and Machinery

1.4 Measuring the amount of rubble and material taken away

1.4.1 Recycling Material

1.4.2 Creating the aggregate

1.5 Foot Print differences depending on material needed to generate the same megalith in volume

2. Megalith Vertical

2.1 Precedents Erecting systems for megalithic structures

2.2 Different types of lifting method depending on the site

2.3 Reinforcement, voids, treatment of the Megalith before cast…

2.4 Stability

3. Megalith Decay/Death 

3.1 Study of the life span of the Megaliths

3.2 Hypothesis of their form of decay

Thanks Tony for your Overview Diagram! 

Very helpful to do my version! 

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