TS Interim: plan from here

01For the next three weeks I plan to work on 3 of the scenes from the film in detail – to be incorporated into the TS final submission as the ‘design’ element of the TS, drawing on the principles explored in the tests so far.

1. The Cross-Over

This scene – where two strangers cross paths and their extremely different worlds merge briefly, sets up the mechanics of the AR in this city – demonstrating the total and immersive nature of personalised AR, establishing the fact that people transform the city around them as they walk, and that mixing of worlds occurs when people are withing a certain proximity of one another.

2. The Supermarket

This scene begins to elaborate some of the strange behaviours emerging in this city. People shop in a huge supermarket, but only see the products they are used to consuming. As a result people spontaneously travel in flocks with strangers to reveal more products when they are looking to expand their tastes.

3. The Urban Palimpsest

In the centre of a city square, where hundreds of thousands cross paths every day, the city is never still, and it is never the same. The streets are a spectacular merging of ideas, beliefs, and preferences, with city-wide trends being subtly identifiable amongst the surface chaos.

The breakdown of the entire film so far is in this drawing below – illustrating scale shifts, emotional tone, and level of augmentation accompanying each of the planned scenes so far. For the scenes not done in detail, the plan would be to work up concept imagery for each of them for inclusion in the TS so that the document captures the overall scope and ambition of the film, even if it only samples 3 scenes in detail.

The City's Eyes - Timeline


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