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Table of Contents

Chapter - Introduction and Manifesto

1.1 Project Manifesto

1.2 Technical Design proposal

Chapter - Case Studies

2.1 Gigantic Structures

  1. Largest by Volume – Boeing Everett Factory

  2. Largest by Weight – Parliament, Bucharest

  3. Largest speculative building – Tower of Babel

2.2 Tall Structures

  1. Tallest Building – Burj Khalifa

  2. Tallest monolithic structures

2.4 Building Gigantic Structures

  1. Heavy lifting

  2. Moving

2.3 Sealed Environments

  1. Biosphere 2.0

  2. Cleanrooms

Chapter - Outside Environment – Smog

3.1 Earth’s Atmosphere – Introduction

  1. Composition of Air and Smog

  2. Danger Levels, Smog and Health

  3. Global Pollution Levels

3.2 Visibility and Distance

  1. Depth Perception

  2. Chromatograph

Chapter - The Form

4.1 Creating a completely interior space – Introduction

  1. Function

  2. Form

  3. Scale

4.2 Horizontal versus Vertical

  1. Plan configuration and Spatial Qualities

  2. Overall Form and Air movement

  3. Wind Loading – Behaviour in response to natural forces

  4. Wind Loading – Tests and Observations

4.3 Creating Interiority – Concept and Design

  1. From Exterior to Interior

  2. Levels of cleanliness

  3. Atmospheric qualities of the interiors

Chapter - Materials

5.1 Material Distribution

  1. Material differences with layers

  2. Structure and components

  3. Aesthetic qualities

5.2 Material PropertiesChemical qualities

  1. Facade surface articulation

5.3 Sources of Materials

  1. Sources of Stone

  2. Sources of concrete

  3. Sources of graphene

  4. Sources of carbon nanotubes etc

5.4 Research and Calculations

  1. Material catalogue

5.5 Material Weathering

  1. Weather conditions of outside environment (site?)

Chapter - Sealing

6.1 Creating a controlled, sealed environment

  1. Access

  2. Air

  3. Decontamination

Chapter - Filtering and Ventilation

7.1 Filtering the Air

  1. Particle Filtering

  2. Air Purification

  3. Chamber Vacuum system

  4. Air Locks

7.2 Ventilation

  1. Air movement

Chapter - Powering the interior

8.1 Solar Energy

  1. Solar Chimney

  2. Boiler room

  3. Steam energy

8.2 Wind Energy

  1. Turbine Hall

8.3 Biogas

Chapter - Structural Realities and Details

9.1 Wall Build Up

  1. Structural Frame

  2. Intercepting the city

  3. Cladding

  4. Incorporating Mechanic Elements

9.2 Details

  1. City scale

  2. Block Scale

  3. Room Scale

  4. Material Scale

  5. Nano Scale

Chapter 10 - Scheduling and Build Time

10.1 Visual Job Schedule and Time Frame

  1. Labour

  2. Equipment

10.2 Packages

  1. Foundations

  2. Frame and Facade

  3. Plant and Mechanics

  4. Interiors

Chapter 11 - Model Catalogue

11.1 Model 1

11.2 Model 2

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5 Responses to TS Full Contents Page

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Now That’s What I Call A Table of Contents 2017!
    Ok – now she’s cookin’!

    I’d work on 5 & 9 for now (to figure out the building). and then flesh out some of the other ones later in the week.

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    was looking at your 4th year proj today – and the reason it works is because you really defined an agenda (save stuff) and then built all the things necessary to do that (wonderwall, barges).

    even if your project was an assembly of hundreds of interiors, at the very least, we should understand something about those interiors. Also if we all went inside, what would we take with us, if anything? what would survive?

    What IS the interior?

    • Natasha Sandmeier says:

      also, look at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles – it’s been in LOADS of movies – is super impossible to orient oneself within, has a gym and running track looping around the interior atrium.

      start referencing bizarre interiors. If the bonaventure is convoluted, then the Marquis Marriott in Atlanta is simply VAST and looks like the inside of an Alien (from the Aliens movies…)

      • Emma Fraser says:

        Yes it was good last year that I identified the thesis and worked the project toward it, need to get that going now.

        Yes thank you I will defo look at those and see how the convoluted interior paths can inform the design.