TS Contents (WIP)

0. Introduction

0.1 Project Manifesto

0.2 TS Manifesto


1. Small Scale – Material State Change

1.1 Atlas of Materials

1.2 Atlas of Forces

1.3 Composites

1.4 State Change Timeline

1.5 Precedents

2. Large Scale – Landform State Change

2.1 Atlas of Landforms (Natural – Artificial, flat – 3d)

2.2 Natural Precedents (Season Change, Glaciers, Tectonic plates)

2.3 Artificial Precedents (Quarries and Artificial Mountains)

2.4 Landform Materials

2.5 Excavation and Build up Techniques and Machinery


3. Two Sides of the Same Coin (not sure about this chapter yet, but would like to unite the first two)

3.1 Landform Building Precedents

3.2 Drawing and Reality

3.3 Positive and Negative Space

3.4 Excavation and build up Techniques

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