TS Book Drafts

New working title: “ROAD TO THE RALLYING POINT”

Restructured my TS book according to the material I have, and the material I want to do (hence the drafts). Now that I have the motorway, I want to explore the motorway as my FACTORY.

It does these things:

— It constructs the city, which is a city of architectural offices.
— It addresses the question of perspective (light) and gravity (mass) as rallying points.
— It builds the escape from the master architect’s office by distorting it.
— The motorway is “built gravity”, “built perspective.”
— The city that is built underneath it is shaped by the design of the motorway.
— The final motorway will overlay all its formal instances into one massive fuck-you-city flyover.

Personal motivation quip (homage to Richard Neutra): SURVIVAL THROUGH DESIGN

… is applied as (plan view of road etc.):

… is applied as:
… and:

… is applied as:

Life span:

I hope this makes sense! I want to do this!

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2 Responses to TS Book Drafts

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    You made a massive push today! See if you can keep it up for tomorrow – super.