TS 001

TS table of Contents


  1. From Line to Wall – project introduction

the initial installation

1.1 Albertis Geometry

  • the Line
  • the curve

– the Plane and its creating lines

  • the Surface
  • the Wall

1.2 The architectural line

  • Mario Fiorentino, Corviale
    • the 1km housing project in Rome two lines 
  • Neave Brown, Alexander Road
    • London Housing project also mirrored
  • Salk Institute

Mirrored Buildings – one point perspective

  • Eisenamn House VI
    • the use of the plane and cinema 
  • Junya Ishigami – Architecture as Air Barbican Curve 
    • installation,very thin structure 

1.3 Lineless 

  • what does that mean?
  • How am i using it 


2.The Optics 

2.1 Linear perspective

-Filippo Brunelleschi

– Alberti on Brunelleschi

2.2 360 domed projection 

– Fish eye

– Hemisphere projection

– The monument project – 360 mirror surface on the top of Monument

– Domed projection

– Stereographic Projection

– fish eye vs stereographic

2.3 From one point to 360

– detailing the video



3.1 Graphene

-2D Material and it uses ( as a side it quite interesting because it is classed as a 2d material and thus the ultimate plane because it has no width but is a material.)

– Possible uses

3.2 Rubber

3.3 Veneer 

  • Wood
    • The John Evelyn Cabinet ( cannot remember the name of the one NS suggested)


  • Marble
    • still looking 

3.4 Paper 

My Veneer – if it works.

PS. something very strange happened when I copied it from pages sorry about that.

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