Trying to reign in the Mexico excitement

I’ve been thinking about the form of the Whitebook. I want it to be a presentation book, following the speech… I also want to add a chapter of various forms of FT ( like Sabri’s ( possessive apostrophe) encyclopedia of hands from her HTS Thesis.

I’m building up a folder of images which would go there, divide them into themes which I would then caption relating to different parts of my argument.


I’ll also steal some bits from the book “The function of the oblique” by Parent and Virilio  ( size / format etc)

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uuuuuuuuuughh it’s hard to focus when I’m already thinking of packing for the trip!

As promised:


Comments from Previews:

– Do you reveal ” the trick” or not? do we just experience it and take what we see as truth?

– If you reveal it, what conversation does the reveal bring? that is different from the illusion. What is the reading of what is there & not there.

– At the moment the sequence is very linear. Does it stay that way?

– Levels of resolution from the FLY-BY / WALK-BY / RING THE DOORBELL.

– NO specific site

I’m storyboarding the holiday to plan out what to do before term 3.



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  1. Mark McGlynn says:

    Oh dear. The magic mountain 7 minute abs