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Here is what i am currently doing – compiling what i know regarding waste management (in the UK). I have put my hand on great things, but i feel like it is added on top of what i did until now, without a strong and fix argument to link all these things together.

[to be honest i feel a bit lost]

I have a narrative on the notion of belief, the obsession of revealing things hidden behind this belief, the fact that its sheer beauty is lubricating our reality. On the accumulation of ‘wastes’ that the fast consumption supported by this belief generates. I have G. Bataille arguing that this waste is in fact the necessary ‘unleashed’ energy needed by every system/organism in order to maintain its own structure. But that in fact the system is now so powerful that it can absorb outburst (even violent such as wars) without falling apart [and that Tabula Rasa isn’t an option anymore]. And perhaps that it is due to its own generation of waste that it will eventually collapse – exploding after having accumulated too much…

But perhaps this last one is too violent and too radical. I am thinking of reconsidering my narrative on recycling as ‘system-based practice’ but more as a practice that we need to radicalise in itself. Modify its structure and its end. And this requires [in all cases] a re-consideration of wastes as products other than functionless fragments of a past-life.

We talk about the Coca-cola can as the ultimate exemple of a product enable to have any function while empty… But also electric cable, heaters, concrete, window frames,… if we want to deal with the architecture itself. Which is also one of the main point : the production, use and disposal of buildings are from far the most important producer of waste, and of wastes that are hard to dispose of, recycle – and often hazardous, heavy,…

I also feel the need to have a defined objective in term of production for the jury, i feel like i havent produce much more than a long argument for the last weeks without any document to support it…

I really need to fix that tomorrow


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