So, here are the description of three tracks that I am working on in terms of drawing, sound and performance. They are each based on a certain theme which I draw on multiple layers for each grains. The layers are sampled in audio format and drawing for the sampling device. I will continue putting together the sampler for pin-up performance tomorrow.

Track 1 : to Failure. 

This track starts in the key of Minoru Yamsaki’s vision of the Pruitt-Igoe project, St Louis, USA. The song begins on an up tempo beat, translating the positive vision of slum clearance and introduction of a new ‘luxurious’ setting for the communitities being relocated. The track is slowly set into minor-harmony as the political reading of the time is sampled in.  The track then starts to overlay the readings of failure in the multiple grains using the main beat of destruction as a theme for the sampling of midi files. The final reading should be one of complete failure and destruction.

Advisory: this should not be pleasant for the ears.


Track 2 : the Backdrop. 

This track starts in the key of Kisho Kurokawa’s tv set scene. The controlled setting that allows the music to drastically change from one beat to another, from one key to another and form a remix of scenes. The backdrop becomes a reading of a layered world of narrative and extreme control. What one sees and hears becomes specific to the protagonist and his ideas. Although ones sees traces of all settings, there is only one final image.

Track 3 : Distortion. 

This track starts in the key of Dr Dre…. ( description on the way)


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