To do on 24-26 May 2016_ AMAR might be good for you too

landscape exhibition

Landscape invades Jumex exhibition_WIP

Thresholds are crucial in defining the extension of our context & how we perceive it. I was reminded of the feeling I got in Barragan’s house. There is a linear/circular route through the building with many moments in which you get cross-cut readings through sections of the house. The threshold leads you to a different world every time in a very considered way.  Made me think of designing my ground/landscape with this idea in mind, where you don’t quite comprehend the whole body but you get vistas which cut through, breaking it’s linear experience.

The pleasure garden, ‘Sensorium’, will explore how we view and experience the world around us, whether through everyday technology, or through our physical presence in a space. HASSELL and HÅG will play with smells, textures and sound, leading visitors to question how the senses influence their experience.

At the heart of the Sensorium will sit a mysterious black space which offers guests unexpected – even voyeuristic – perspectives of the surrounding pleasure garden. Perceptions are altered and manipulated through a series of ‘peep holes’ and senses are heightened or removed to provoke visitors to question what makes their viewpoint unique.

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