Thresholds and Translation

I tried to focus on the notion of the named view and the change of thresholds from which a scene is viewed. These tests/images are meant to test how our understanding of space changes, in a world in which architecture is designed through a specific single perspective.

Here the 2d photo of the room which was translated to 3d is then photographed back as 2d – it is an image on a paper table. The light is needed to reduce details from the model which is punched in the table. Shame I couldn’t get the details of the surface of the table in the photo, it’s printed with scratches etc. Maybe need better camera and lighting.



This model (still WIP) is a column from Zaha’s Phaeno Science Centre (Wolfsburg, Germany, 2005) is constructed according to an image by Helene Binet. The image is transformed to an object which other than its so-called named view could perhaps be seen in comparison to the room – either very small (first image against the parquet) or large as seen from the window.





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