Three acts of imprisonment WIP

I’m working on the drawings showing stages of imprisonment of the building. Went back to the Park House in Oxford str. .

Its crime is its ugliness, so lets arrest it first, take it to the court and imprison it if necessary.

Act I - Arrest

Act I – Arrest

Building is arrested and cleared of any type of inhabitation. All activities within the building are now put on hold. #CrimeSceneDoNotCross

Act II - Court

Act II – Court

During the court procedure and before jury have returned a verdict, the building is placed in a temporary jail in a form of scaffolding structure. #JailNotScaffolding

Act III – Imprisonment (in progress)

After a verdict ‘guilty’ is reached the concrete is poured to form a permanent cell. #ByeByeUglyBuilding

I have also started a drawing to illustrate the idea of escapism that I keep mentioning. Long night ahead. Tomorrow morning re-printing and the rest of the day presentation.


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