Thoughts on the book of Michel Rojkind

Architecture is a process that bring together elements that over time lead us on to others. The world is changing every day to everyday conditions, rather than intellectual conditions of architecture and urbanism. Architecture is when everything comes together.

Later, the architect will come along, then the planner, the technician. It all starts with intuition based on our experience and on understanding where opportunities lie. And of course, luck.

We found ourselves hanging out with people from all over the world. Everybody has a different angle on the same thing, there are many different viewpoints. In today’s changing world we need varied perspectives.

In order to do a project, it is somehow a question of identifying, of selecting. And then gathering the informations. Building, creating, adapting. We select what we think are the correct components and then we adapt them into physical form. We give these elements an angle to make them relevant to the city or context.

Architecture is not the goal, it is mean. The goal is to maximize the possibilities that we have. It is not possible to create and insert new things, what architects do is to draw the contour of what is happening so that the project become portraits of life or society already in this place.

Our job is to distil the essential ingredients to achieve an enriched product. It is a string of code that communicate. To project is to choose. People prefer better than others. It is an act, why someone chose one thing to be more relevant to the other.

This machine is a study of change. What happens when things combine, interact, change place? We must embrace instability as a good thing. We are constantly challenged. What it develops is an interesting cross-pollination between disciplines.

“our lives are so throughout a patchwork of such disconnected states is not a natural condition but rather the product of a dense and powerful remaking”  jonathan cray

The metropolis is a space saturated with stimuli, the kingdom of over stimulation, compared to the small communities, the metropolis is constant change. It all goes back to our fundamental value of selector to figure it out how to process the torrent of stimuli that we constantly face. Selective sampling

We react to a certain situation, a certain way of choosing, which for the architect selection is a means of expression. Architects selections are still grounded in the knowledge and techniques build up from experience, both individual and collective.

The active effort required to properly choreograph the input of knowledge, a kind of alchemy that takes seemingly incompatible things and make something wonderful from them. That’s what we call creativity.

And it might not even be based on design, but on social interaction or how things perform/aesthetics. If there are so many different firms of architecture is because of its diversity and various approaches and way of selection. We give two architects identical briefs, one takes it and read with a completely different set of parameters. The outcome will always be different. The process of selecting is the most important aspect of each architect.

The architect’s layering of selection, through a process of inquiry and shaping of possibilities into realizable value for the client, for the society, for the advancement of the discipline is not static but it is a process moulding in every different situation. It is an active engagement.

The experience of architecture is not defined in principle either by space or by form but by the connections that we can directly perceive.


I do not believe in one, in a self sufficiency. I believe in the whole, in new buildings giving to others. Whether an object or a building can add itself to a larger system and at the same time, it takes something from it. It is a symbiosis. If a project is not a part of a larger social construct it makes no sense. The project changes all the time, the budged changes, the program changes. How do we train ourselves to be aware of these changes?

Have the ability to adapt, which means to modify something to adjust it to a new condition. Which is approximately what Darwin would adopt it to give it a biological twist. Variations and selection produce adaptation. And pure variation without a mechanism makes no sense. Its sense arises in this very selection. The work of the architect is to reorganize the relationships between an object and its context, its function and performance.  Selecting the raw material in a sense accumulating it, under the premise that might come at hands.  Each fragment represent a set of actual and possible relations, they are operators/possibilities.


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