Thoughts on Mexico + Landscape Colonization

My questions about the city exist at 2 scales. One, which refers more so to the scale of my project (resolution, form and the ‘grid’), and the other that questions the role and identity of the architect.

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As with most Latin American countries, Mexico can be seen as a place of transient politics and constant economic reform.

As a result, the capital exists as a place of perpetual reconfiguration; a shifting instability that has etched its morphological transformation deep into the city landscape.

As a result, the city today exists as an intangible kaleidoscope of cultural and social identity – one that has manifested itself through the various typologies of architecture found throughout the city.

Therefore, as an Architect practicing in the contemporary city, how does one negotiate between the quest for identity (architectural legacy), whilst remaining impervious to time and the impermanence of modern culture?

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