Things that float in rhino

I started building in infinite space what we discussed last tutorial. My first reaction to this is to develop something that looks more interesting. I am trying to think how I can define the factory in this project that I imagine…


This is a section I am working on, both to communicate TS and the project. Also in terms of TS I am focusing on finishing the pages I’ve started.






It might seem confusing but I am trying to get everything out of my brain so that the developments happen faster! The pipes (huge – will change) I was thinking that it can be the path that the camera follows to film. In the last image the important thing to see is the three steps on the right which is what would be made at 1 to 1 to film (there will be a problem with this with the perspective).

Tomorrow I will discuss the content of the jury presentation. List making times have started!

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  1. Maridia Kafezopoulou says:

    LoVe It !