Things in process

My aim this term is to be consistent from tute to tute to allow for the development of the project as a way for me to improve my way of working from last term.

Therefore, I am working on the thesis outline which you asked me to do and I will present the project under the subject of SITE, shifting from paper to green room.

I started a storyboard for the film which I am animating now the beginning. The very important point from the last tute is to use the green room to construct the project as well as inhabit it. So I realize that I missed this step from THE VISION. This has been really helpful and I would like to continue working like that, as in sketch and do so that I can be more productive.



TS book some new and small developments I will have a new print. I have started a TS storyboard too but it needs to progress.

Designing staircases. Is it a problem that I am designing staircases, drawers, fireplaces etc for a space that I don’t know its use? I am a bit scared of the staircase and the perspective I have to say but let’s discuss it tomorrow. I am wondering about the idea of using 1:1 to construct the project in film, it’s quite non-linear. The designs will end up in a catalogue of fiction devices.

Essentially my way of thinking is to design the project, perhaps even to design the methodology and the way of work and hoping this is NOT counterproductive.

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One Response to Things in process

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    It’s not counterproductive.

    Aim for less second-guessing (or double-thinking) and more liberated (arms-up-Anny-style) forward motion.