The Wipe

Thinking about the film itself as the ‘real’ landscape in this project, I’m looking at different types of cuts beyond motion cut, in order to smooth/enrich the continuum. In this version I tried to use the Wipe Cut, the Pass-by Cut and the Flash White Cut (examples below).

Does it work? I don’t know, but it’s better

Wipe Cut in Sin City between drawing to render (2:22)

Pass-by Transition (this video is in slow-motion for some reason but imagine it playing faster..)

frantic-zoom style cut

Really funny spatial cut

The Wipe cut (5:57) and the Invisible Cut right after it (using darkness), and the hybrid Match-Dissolve Cut (10:32)

Cut through time (Warning, scene might be disturbing for children :) )

And, for the shift from the desert back to the rhino space room (when we rotate 180) I want to make the shift look more like these cool Whip Pan Cuts

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3 Responses to The Wipe

  1. Nathan Su says:

    Looks cool! The maybe with your wipe the black should travel with the page turn (so its faster). Might disguise the scene change even further. Also, if you are looking into quick cuts – this film (The Watchtower of Turkey) that CY showed me last year has incredible cutting.

    • Assaf Kimmel says:

      Wow, this video is INSANE! beautiful cuts and footage. Thanks! And yeah good idea I’ll try to play with the speed of it

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    I’d either try what nathan suggested or only start the wipe once we land on the final page of the book. Then hold there for the wipe and then roll back out for the jeff wall switch.