The Universal Interior

The project responds to the irrelevance of objects today, and to the rise of the importance of innovation in process. It creates a growing universal interior which accommodates the millennial desire to affect a process, from the understanding that the time of creating is the exciting one, and not the time of the finished object. It establishes a connection between space and process.  


The universal plan is extended to create the ultimate factory: every place is held together under one roof, where everyone can act. Facades are abolished, as the interior continues to replace territories and their respective histories and character which are projected from their objects. Places which once had great material accumulation of history and growth, become part of a mega ground floor. Hierarchy and accumulation are replaced with production and participation.


Fully airconditioned, this field is the bastard child of the 21st century city: an airport amalgamated with your home office. So extensive, you can never perceive it limits. It cancels distinction as no identity can be projected in a space which grows endlessly. It is a field which constantly exchanges the framable with the unframable, the finished with the unfinished, the seemingly perfect with uncertain potential, the clear with the complex.


As a ground for the WIP, the new, the accidental and the collaborative, the interior is gradually filled – with objects, characters, values, monuments, movements, communities. Once filled to the brim, the factory becomes a museum of a generation, above which a new ground floor unfolds.


The construction of the interior has made it also to Thailand –

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