the un-mentioned refference

I don’t know how come I never included this somehow in my white book yet.

“Everything Is Illuminated” has a dreamy feeling that links perfectly with this sentence by Jean Baudrillard: “just as the function of dreams is to ensure the continuity of sleep, objects ensure the continuity of life”.

I found out that Jean Baudrillard included a chapter called “A Marginal System: Collecting” in “The System of Objects. He wrote:

Among the various meanings of the French word objet, the Littré dictionary gives this: ‘Anything which is the cause or subject of a passion. Figuratively and most typically: the loved object’. It ought to be obvious that the objects that occupy our daily lives are in fact objects of a passion, that of personal possession, whose quotient of invested affect is in no way inferior to that of any other variety of human passion.
The object pure and simple, divested of its function, abstracted from any practical context, takes on a strictly subjective status. Now its destiny is to be collected. Whereupon it ceases to be a carpet, a table, a compass, or a knick-knack, and instead turns into an ‘object’ or a ‘piece’.





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2 Responses to the un-mentioned refference

  1. Oliver Pershav says:

    I’m reading Baudrillard every night before going to bed. I especially like this quote:

    “Either you have not to be serious and seem it, or to be serious and not seem it. Those who combine being serious with seeming serious are insignificant.”

    Will let you know if I find something useful for your project!