the three Suns.

Here’s an illustration of the three suns in the figure 8 solar system.  I’ll tried running the maths on it , there’s quite a lot of error on it. 
Here’s the breakdown. 
There are 3 Suns ( Sun01, Sun02, Sun03 ) that move in a figure 8 solar system. and 3 planets ( M01, M02, M03 ) that orbits around the 3 Suns.
Did some animation on the figure 8 systems.. I manage to make the system work, hypothetically….. It’ll look something like the video below.

The gradient color shows the circumstellar habitable zones from the three suns. red = too hot, green = habitable, where earth lies. blue = a lil too cold.  Tried placing the planet to orbit in the green zones but shit just break loose. The gravity of the other suns will rip the planet apart when it gets close to it.  For now, i’m placing the 3 planets on the edge of the red zones. 

 I ran some calculation on the figure 8 simulation, Here’s some numebrs. =D
Mass                            5.32 moon  3.91E+23 kg
Radius                          9305 km
Density             0.116 g/cm3
Age                              5.03 G Years
Temperature                183 – 190c
Velocity                       40 – 140 km/s
Rotational Period         48.5days
Surface Gravity             0.116 m/s2
Escape Velocity 2.37 km/s
// Motion
Orbital Period              1.28 – 1.36 days
Rotational Period         48.5 days
Rotation Speed             14 m/s
// Materials
Iron                              4.38E+22 kg    11.2%              0.596moon
Silicate                         3.06E+22 kg    7.81%              0.416moon
Water                           4.05E+22 kg    10.4%              0.551moon
Hydrogen                     2.76E+23 kg    70.6%              3.76moon
// Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Field             0.191 Gauss
Magnetic Pole Angle    30
// Earth Similarity        0.242
Mass                            4.38 moon  3.22E+23 kg
Radius                          4761 km
Density             0.712 g/cm3
Age                              4.15 G Years
Temperature                194 – 198c
Velocity                       43 – 123 km/s
Rotational Period         58.5days
Surface Gravity             0.948 m/s2
Escape Velocity 3 km/s
// Motion
Orbital Period              1.1 – 1.24 days
Rotational Period         58.6 days
Rotation Speed             5.9 m/s
// Materials
Iron                              1.06E+23 kg    33.1%              1.45moon
Silicate                         7.95E+22 kg    24.7%              1.08moon
Water                           1.06E+23 kg    33.1%              1.45moon
Hydrogen                     2.96E+22 kg    9.2%                0.403moon
// Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Field             0.184 Gauss
Magnetic Pole Angle    80
// Earth Similarity        0.389
Mass                            4.49 moon  3.3E+23 kg
Radius                          5715 km
Density             0.422 g/cm3
Age                              4.50 G Years
Temperature                176 – 188c
Velocity                       34 – 105 km/s
Rotational Period         58.6days
Surface Gravity             0.422 m/s2
Escape Velocity 0.422 km/s
// Motion
Orbital Period              1.26 – 1.32 days
Rotational Period         58.6 days
Rotation Speed             7.09 m/s
// Materials
Iron                              7.92E+22 kg    24%                 1.08moon
Silicate                         1.12E+23 kg    33.8%              1.52moon
Water                           8.16E+22 kg    24.7%              1.11moon
Hydrogen                     5.76E+22 kg    17.4%              0.783moon
// Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Field             0.191 Gauss
Magnetic Pole Angle    0
// Earth Similarity        0.351
Well , according to the numbers, Life expectancy on the 3 planet is 0 % . It’s too hot for it ! unless the monsters can live in a hot climate of  177 – 200 + c .  =P



Here’s an interesting one!

The Sun Rise and Set from Planet M03. Cause of the figure 8 thingy. the 2 suns far away will lit the planet in a distance for a period of time while the sun that M03 is orbiting comes up every 2.5days. theres a split moment where the 3 suns set and it goes to complete darkness!
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