the starchitect’s office collapsing into a black hole (edited)

Perhaps a good description of what you would see …


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EDIT: Beginning of the presentation text. I don’t want to speak of thoughts that are not on the table, so I’m preparing the best nuggets from the recon together with the drawings and the TS for tomorrow’s tutorial. Note to self: don’t be afraid to go literal.

Architecture today is torn apart by a calamity of voices, each implicitly or explicitly demanding their own definition of a good building to become common rule. Architecture has become driven by individual interests and agendas, rather than common problems. The professional architect drives these in one primary context: that of the architectural office. If we consider the production of buildings to have taken over from the production of ideas, then the office can be described as a factory, and the architects as the new blue-collar class.


What you see in front of you is the architectural office as seen through the eyes of the starchitect. Next to it is the same office without a source, without a goal, caught in perpetual free-fall. One sucks you in and tells you what to do, the other traps you in endless freedom. What is lacking in both images is a rallying point. There is no contemporary movement. Offices look for a signature style, which will give them a competitive advantage in the market for new commissions. Schools fuel internal competition between the units, each one attracting groups of students who share the teacher’s view. Students themselves look for that elusive Monday when they will have invented themselves, their identity, their future career.

Ultimately this project proposes a rallying point in two, fundamental phenomena: mass and light. If we consider these from a physical point of view, they can be redefined, as gravity and perspective. The factory I propose is one in which these are treated as two sides of the same phenomenon, of action and perception, of the draughtsman and the office, of the individual and the collective. What the factory produces is not just a product, it is a community, a field, an institution.

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