The Spectacle Creates

The images show how the spectacle completely transforms the city. The above is actually just 2 pancakes – so when I present the audience will just sit on top of the hole, transforming the pancake.

I am also completely restructuring my argument (farewell 4 minute presentation of re-con). Here is the new introduction:

1. Project Statement

This Project argues for the necessity of the spectacle in the cultural and physical evolution of our cities.

2. The City

The city is not just a physical entity. Each of our global centres embodies social and cultural differences making them unique. The city is never stagnant. It physically grows or declines, culturally maturing or fading. Time is marked in the city through spectacles that force it to evolve.

3. The Spectacle

The Spectacle is not static, but nor is it continuous. It exists only as a moment in time. It may be spontaneous or planned. It may occur just once, or it may be repeated. The spectacle transforms a space without changing it physically. The only requirement for a spectacle to occur is that there must be an audience. From the daily changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, to the annual fights in Battle-Hole City, to the particular (as in the 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square), The Spectacle has informed and continues to inform urban centres world-over.


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