The Significance of a Pig



When Pigs Fly…

The adynaton that possible launched a career. 6 years prior to Pink Floyd’s iconic photo shoot of a flying pig in front of Battersea power station, architect Mark Fisher was experimenting with inflatables. During his Diploma studies at the AA Mark explored the possibilities of inflatable architecture. 6 years on, an inflatable pig by the name of Algie escaped from his captures and fled to Kent, halting Heathrow traffic on the way.

After this debacle, Pink Floyd needed a new designer to supply them with numerous inflatable animals for there upcoming tour…’Animals’. They were eventually led to Mark Fisher who not only designed inflatables that remained in position, but would go on to create countless stages for Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, U2 and many more.

It is most certainly arguable that this flying pig was responsible for the launching of one of the greatest stage architects of all time.


*The original pig was designed by Jeffrey Shaw and Hipgnosis.

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