The room of the author

I think the room of the author should be the last image that I show. In that room you will see the only image you will ever see of my whole building. On the wall will be my references, Eisenman, Evans, maybe Perec but I have kinda lost him and Barthes. This room will show me as the author and everything that encompasses my projects. At the moment I am questions if the project should be drawn in axo and only axo. By drawing in axo it does limit the way in which I design the project.

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2 Responses to The room of the author

  1. admin says:

    I definitely would say this is the last image you show, in part because I want to see a draft for monday, but also because this can be an image you return to but show through different views (much like the views of the mausoleum) that show more and more of the room. Perhaps our realization at the end is that YOU are in it. But again, thinking about the END now just means the end is nowhere near. You can’t know the end yet. So, will look forward to a draft on Friday, also sketch out other possible views of the room – at differing levels of ‘zoom’ where we think we’re in the room, only to discover we are in a model on the desk in the room, etc etc etc.

    Anywho. all for now. told you i would comment.

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Also, can you bring on friday all your drawings including the first triptych – and have all the multi-panel drawings taped together.
    Also, pens. We will need to do some marking up! Your graphic story is there, but too many pieces are unfinished – waiting for ‘narrative’ resolution – but we don’t need to wait. Rather, finish the drawings to draw out the narrative.