The Roof


So many ideas in my head right now … essentially, I’m working with the white space between the office. This space is currently thought of as a plinth on which the office sits, and which engages that office by providing it with its *infrastructure* (this is why I had two elevated expressways last night, again a case of being too literal, but hey, if something comes out of it, it’s all good, no?) I must confess, though: I’m not so sure that I was so sure about knowing what it is I was doing. Perhaps infrastructure is the wrong concept. It can be just any kind of “structure” – understood broadly – that supports the gravity office above, hah, literally supports it.

This render is of the “white roof” that will cover the plinth and everything in between. I have a vision of the structure being completely white, nondescript and non-structural when seen from the outside, like the body concealing the chassis of a car or a computer. My thoughts then drifted off to the idea of a space frame, and how it can be employed. We often think of the space frame as the most structurally economical of architectural gestures, but I’m considering it from the opposite point of view: an excessive structure, always prepared for more than it was specified to do.

Anyway, I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Tomorrow’s tutorial will be a simultaneous confusion/ambiguity of options, and decision making. WHAT is the white space? Is it light? Is it HEAVY? Is it both?

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