the role of the architect in the office


Googled endlessly (well, over an hour …) for an image of stacked empty noodle boxes to signify the hit-and-run lifestyle of the hectic office lunch (if the body is noble, we sure aren’t taking care of it in a reverent manner), but alas, had to go with KFC instead … do architects eat at KFC? Only in L.A.?

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3 Responses to the role of the architect in the office

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    so funny…i was looking for an image of instant noodles recently too. its not easy to come by…at least the one i imagine.
    If i may comment on the images:
    The top one will make a lot of people angry..but i suppose thats the point. However that room doesnt make me think of an architecture office (even if an evil one…)
    In the middle one, why does the guy look like he belongs in a 80’s movie?
    the KFC doesn’t seem current to ‘our’ enviroment… pret/sushi would perhaps be more close to home?

    sorry for so many comments. The core ideas are there but i question how many of us actually relate with some of the references.
    and finally…Where were you yesterday? we missed you in the unit space
    Also why is the packaging in chinese/japanese? sorry i dont know the characters…

    • Oliver Pershav says:

      Thank you!

      Most of what you commented on comes down to my poor google-skills (chinese kfc, 80s office worker, meeting room etc.). TBH, I think in some ways it’s better to just take the photos myself, especially since I go to wasabi everyday … actually, if everyone just goes to pod or pret tomorrow, I can take a picture of the scrap!

      maybe I’m naive, but the purpose of the top image is not to make people angry, it is to show the gap between what we say, how we define, and what we do, how we live. What I want to say is that there is an invisible space of gender, status and capital (cultural and monetary) in the office, which I turn to literal spaces in my posters.

      Sorry for my absence, by the way!

      • Catarina Cruz says:

        I think taking your own photos is a good idea. I will contribute with my lunch litter and desk mess tomorrow! Bring the camera.
        Maybe focus the googling on architecture office meeting room images. I m sure you ve tried them all…but seems to me that anyone with a minimum sense of design wouldn’t chose those black leathery chairs for a meeting room.
        Also the guy on the phone looks douchy and not like an architect…more like a banker :P
        i suggest the good old ‘ exquisite corps” technique. get images of actual architects but take their head of (so not to direct the poster to anyone in specific but the wider audience)

        i hope i m clear ! and i hope this helps
        see you tomorrow