The Ring of Confrontation

Conflicting ambitions, interests and desires come to a head in the third municipality, The Ring of Confrontation. All battles about the metropolis are fought inside the ring. Egos compete, exposed, to become champion of the citizens for whom the architect has designed the city. The Ring is in constant flux. Its existance dependent on disagreement. The population of this municipality surges when there is a dispute to be resolved, and recedes once a winner is declared. The citys history is written within the ring, its narrative determined by the winner of each fight.

According to legend, The Ring of Confrontation began as a battle between two Egos. Both aspired to build the tallest building in the world. But planners were divided as to which project should be built. After years of indecision the Egos became frustrated. Their proposals were fast being made redundant by taller buildings elsewhere. The two Egos resolved to settle the dispute in a fight. They walked to a field on the edge of the city, drumming up support on their way. Equality was founded in the ring. Eventually one stood victorious.

A few years later there was a protest about a tower wchich was deemed for demolition. The demonstration grew so large that the city came to a standstill. Neither side willing to compromise, it was proposed that a fight be staged.

Grievance from the protest had been so severe that city officials proposed another match to determine how all future conflicts about the city be resolved. All decisions that affected the city were now to take place in the ring.

As the city grew into a metropolis, each new building was seen as an opportunity to manifest utopian ideals. But Egos held differing views as to how perfection should be achieved. Fights became more frequent leading to the rings expansion.

One day a debate took place in the ring about the future of the city grid. The audience became disengaged and left. The absence of a crowd hurt the competitors Egos so that they could no longer fight. Without the citizens no decisions about the city could be made. Construction in the metropolis ground to a halt.

A week later jargon was banned from the ring. The citizens returned. Building resumed.

Not wanting construction to falter again, The Ring of Confrontation was decreed an official municipality of Ego, essential for the citys survival.

Today the metropolis is a catalogue of fights that were won within the ring. All roads in Ego lead to the ring. At times of agreement the municipality stands empty, merely a through route for traffic. But when a fight is staged, the Ring swells to envelop neighbouring parts of the city, allowing it to accommodate the entire population of the metropolis. It allows conflicts inevitable in the construction of a city to be fairly resolved. Without The Ring of Confrontation, the metropolis would suffocate under the weight of indecision.


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