The Red Lake (Battle of The Ending)

Trying to strike a balance between dystopia and hope…

When the grinding stops, the emptiness that once empowered The Hole engulfed The City.  The constant churning of development was replaced with a blank serenity. Through its loss of brutality The Red City threatened to blend into obscurity.

In the end, The Red City’s cultural and historical centre was flooded for its survival. All life became orientated around The drowned Rig. The Rig lay submerged, its rust poisoning The Lake Red. Through The Red Lake the void remained a violent interruption of The City grid. A disruption that its organisation had come to depend upon. Far from stealing the identity of The City, The Hole, through violence, still organised it.

The broken Rig lay as a grating reminder of everything The Red City stood for: that though The Spectacle, through Form and Event, is the catalyst for evolution, it is the element of risk in every decision that is made that drives it.


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