The one where the strip becomes 3d

Sketched volumes and moments being built in Rhino, fun times!
Following advice from Friday tutorial…
sticking to the big stupid rectangle (well for now.. in Rhino anyway..) sketches are trying to test that, see how it could be.. and that’s because another advice was to apply modelled chunk directly to plate (sketch below)

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One Response to The one where the strip becomes 3d

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    For Tuesday – you may want to have a look at your big plates and think how to revamp them in order to include your hand-drawn series. So the digital work takes the place of the final images/drawings/renders/plans,etc etc, but the hand sketch can be used to illustrate all aspects of your argument. So don’t think of them as sketches, but rather begin to use them strategically. You can do this retroactively for the recon in parts as well.