The one thing part 2

A quick fez inspired video I did, you can see my cube in the middle of Paris twisted on an oblique right at the end

Surface diagram02


Liberating form from context (the form is rejecting conforming to its context)-
1. Contained within the box = form and context is normal
2. Released from the box = the form is normal but situated on a abnormal context

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One Response to The one thing part 2

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Don’t quite understand the vid. shouldn’t the box be orthogonal at the end, and the city oblique? What is this saying? Can you be a bit more clear (and stay inline with the other things you have been developing?
    focus just on the box for tomorrow though. the clearer it is, the more it will make sense when you locate it. Right now i think it’s too abstract to put in a site.