The Metaphysical and Projection


Reading Architectural Representation and the Perspective Hinge to understand the meaning and extent of ‘projecting’, how a set of projections at various scales from site to detail adds up to a complete objective idea of a building.


Editing thesis:

The project explores the limits and implications of projection and identity. Everything exists as part of two simultaneous worlds, that of the real and that of the perceived. According to Plato, Ideas, i.e. generalia, represent the only truth. All objects have their Ideas, but we can not reach those Ideas through our senses. What our senses are telling us is far from the truth that only the soul can reach. What is true, actually exists. What is, and what appears to be, seem to be two separate worlds.

Whilst Plato advocates multiplicity as the copy of an idea which cannot be reached through our senses I advocate for the multiplicity of ideas depending on the perception and projection through the senses.


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