1. How are you going to print?  What size?  What paper?  Have you done a test print for either?
2. How are you going to present?  Screen?  Table?  Book?
3. How’s that presentation coming?  Are you considering it a design project as much as your drawings, models, images?
4. White Book?  What’s the status?  Are you working on it concurrently or have you abandoned it?
5. 5th years – how are you making use of the tremendous work you did on the TS?  Are you finding ways to incorporate it into your project presentation?
6. Do you have goals you want to accomplish before final tables?
5th years – this is your final year!  What risks do you want to take?  How much do you want this last month to count?
4th years – you have lots of free license to experiment this year – how are you going to exploit that to its utter maximum?
7. What else can I say to get you all wholly JAZZED UP AND FULLY MOTIVATED TO go absolutely nuts, full throttle, totally all-in, put every single last egg in the same basket, and just commit to the beginning of your future?!
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