The landscape of Everyplace?

170201 screenshot

Working on a model of Everyplace, in which my fragments are on ‘peaks’, and will be seen if the model will potentially be covered with sand.

-in this landscape the fragments have location and scale (as opposed to being scaleless and location-less in the rest of the project).

-the landscape should have some ambiguity to it – read as either landscape or manmade, either inhabited or uninhabited – maybe like the fragments themselves which are between object and architecture.

-the fragments are quite literally inseparable now – they form together a space.

-it is a continuous and endless (concrete?) junkspace / landscape where potentially all monuments can be discovered (echoing the obsession of Borges with the notion of infinity from the seminar today, as evident in the short story Aleph).


Thinking it will require different methods (hopefully could be sprayed in the same colour to seem continuous?)

-Kubrick (on the right of print screen) – stacks from laser cut mdf?

-Barragan – maybe blue foam

-House VI – TBD

-will need to add the white cube (the elongated element) and Aldo Rossi (the round element)

some references:

Giant’s causeway, Northern Ireland


Libeskind Micromegalwblog-line23

The Greenhouses of Almeriazv1pwmfs96vjblintcit

Salt mines in Perufixedw_large_4x

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