The image of architecture_thoughts and moving forward

Post jury I have been thinking about how to turn the conversation into architecture and space rather than about a person (and their selfies).

which in fact is not too hard because we do consume architecture through images these days. Shiny, glossy images on websites/social media (curated by the architects themselves). These usually are images of places we will never see in real life and present to us a perfect view of architecture – scenes of photoshopped perfection.

To something like architecture that is so concerned with both its physical experience and its place and context , I question: is this consumerism through its image really a bad thing?

Just like I have been thinking of my factory as what promotes and extends the (ab)use of image making to write the new chapters of architectural history I think the project argues for the construction of the image(s) rather than the real space/building.

I am thinking that i should make images/drawings of the factory+image in the making (like Francesca suggested with the mercedes completed and machines surrounding it). Because the factory doesn’t exist unless the subject is there (and vice versa…the subject has no identity without the factory).

Also i realised that having a subject could really help push the ideas so for now im thinking about using London and its architectural icons as a starting point for these image-drawings-factory-assembly… when i say this i am imagining the brutalist side of london… barbican, trelick tower, southbank sort of images (personal preference, cant explain why) …i am not super sure of this because whatever imagery i use will inject other meanings to the project that i might not want…but i will have a go today and we can discuss it tomorrow

anyway i m testing one of the ts models today before meeting with javier and then after that i will dive in and do some drawings…update later


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