The form and the context/content



Orbit Sequence 2

Surface diagram04

Shifts in scales every time you move from inside to outside of the form.

The box = form that is the constrains the context/content

The context/content = What is constrained by the form and what constrains the form.

The camera orbit = Liberates the context/content from the form by being able to inhabit both to reveal the scale shifts.

Second sequence to enter back in to the box and to focus on a different surface to show a new framed context/content.

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One Response to The form and the context/content

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Those vertical do-dads (the walls) are odd. Do they serve a purpose? Does the roof / wall rotate back up to complete the cube?

    Also, get inside the box. Draw it from the outside, but not in Paris. Put in a vacuum for the moment. Or an unreal place for now (one that is drawn, not photoshopped) so it forces you to design and develop (not change) the box rather than rely on context to define it. The box IS your context, so explain it.
    Your last sentence, yes! (although it’s maybe less about the ‘surface’ than the space/volume).