The Diamond Motel Continuum continued

Hola!!! to start the term, here is a pic of Emma and me at our absolute best on Machu Picchu ——>>>>IMG_1536

Inspired from our amazing amazing amazing trip, I tried to think of the different views in my project – types-of-views

I’ve been trying to focus on two things – refining some of the rough parts of the films, and thinking how can I change the book which was received as being the ‘weak link’ of my project at preview tables as it appeared to not be dissimilar enough to the other continuums.

Also tried to film the new paper Barragan towers so they connect the drone footage to the desert in Film #1 (what used to be the shaky footage of me in the actual desert). Now there is no sand, but a printed wallpaper of desert —

And the part that causes me the most frustration in the project – trying to smooth the tower in the aerial view which since it became slower seems like impossible to make perfect –

In the film of the model – the zoom in

Really struggling to think what can be done with the book to distinguish it from the rest. Trying to emphasise the narrative-based connection between the fragments, as with this image of the MoMa shop with Eisenman tote bags (on the left) which then found their way to Jeff Wall’s tableau etc….


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  1. Emma Fraser says:

    I love being birthed from a mountain

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